foil hooks –
clear cutting boards (place mats) –
reusable paper towels –
magnetic recipe holder –
cord box –
Windex bottles (for vinegar) –
mini shelves (to suspend over stove or candles by bed frame) –
completely silent Seiko clock –

Amazon battery charger –
Amazon AA eight batteries –
Amazon AAA four batteries –
AA to C adapters (for Luminara candles) –
AA to D adapters –

Amazon camera tripod –
Amazon laundry rack –
Luminara candle –
Luminara candle remote –
arrowroot powder –
peppermint oil –

Seventh Generation unscented eco laundry detergent –
Grab Green unscented eco laundry pods (clip coupon) –

Lenovo mouse/keyboard combo –
laptop – Lenovo


Favorite minimalist luxuries:
Instagram: (just created!)


Take off sprayer from Method all-purpose, put on hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide needs to be kept in dark bottle).
Reusable batteries + flameless candles, AA to C and D adapters – buy Amazon name brand first!
DIY dry shampoo – 2 Tablespoons arrowroot power or cornstarch + 1 Tablespoon cocoa powder (only if you have dark hair) + a few drops peppermint oil
Use cutting boards as place mats (and wash them in the dishwasher!)
Use hooks for foil/plastic wrap (aesthetic).
Hide cords (aesthetic).
Conveyer belt method: Specialize.

Focus on one project a day:
Choose category to declutter, make piles (give, sell, trash, recycle), take โ€œgiveโ€ pile to Goodwill, take pictures of โ€œsellโ€ category, write online ad, upload pictures and post.

Forgot to add: I keep two AA and two AAA batteries that are not reusable in the Amazon charger so that if my work equipment batteries die, I can switch it out until I recharge my Amazon ones.



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