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Taking care is important. Here is a guide to some simple things you can do to look fresh and vibrant, with minimum or no makeup. These are my favorite beauty hacks, tips and tricks, also includes my personal morning and night time routine for skin care. So the answer to ‘How to look good without make up?’ is here.
1.       Eyebrows – These are key and an essential grooming step.
2.       Shave face – Step 2 in grooming, it helps get rid of peach fuzz and also exfoliates the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells
3.       Face Masks – You can either use sheet masks or prepare a homemade pack with Multani mitti and curd. There are plethora of options to explore here.
4.       Night Time Skin Care – Estee Lauder Eye and Face Serum, Vichy Moisturizer. Lip Balm and done
5.       Beauty hack to fight dark circles and under eye puffiness.
6.       7-8 Hours of good night sleep
7.       Stay hydrated – drink water.
8.       Wash your face with cold water in morning to get the blood flowing
9.       Morning skin care routine
10.   Some cheats which include using eyebrow pencil, eye lash gel and cream blush
11.   Using Vaseline to act as a highlighter
12.    Amp up you look with colorful hair accessories – bandanas, pony tails etc..
13.   Choose colors that suit your complexion
Hope you enjoy the video and find these tips to be useful.
Let me know in comments below, which of these steps due to currently follow religiously and also feel free to pop any questions you may have



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