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Hello my dear friends, Today in this video lI’m going to show you HOW TO MAKE AN ELECTRIC LIGHTER AT HOME EASILY, you can show this SCIENCE EXPERIMENT/SCIENCE PROJECT in your School Science Exhibition.

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Awesome DC Motor Life Hacks
LIFE HACKS: DC Motor Project ldeas, DC Motor Life
Hacks, DC Motor Projects, DIY, DIY Ideas, Shorts,
YouTube Shorts


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13. Battery holder

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Restoration Old Remote Control Helicopter || Restoring Broken Drone Model Toy 2020

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Making a Helicopter Rotor. Very Easy.
Bucee Brain 11,702 views 9 Nov 2020
Hello friends, in this video, I will show you how to
make a helicopter main rotor with gears.
Bucee Brain channel is showing simple life hacks
and how to make some stuffs at home, please watch
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