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🔝 This tutorial is 2 in 1 DIY project, including making a paper cup | HoneyBee and making paper flowers.

Process for Paper Cup | HoneyBee
– Paint a disposable paper cup with acrylic paint (yellow and black).
– Use glue.
– Make antennae from fluffy wire.
– At the bottom of the glass, make two holes with an awl and insert the antennae there.
– The wings can be made from any transparent paper folder.

Process for making beautiful paper flowers
– Cut out rectangles 2.5 x 6 cm from corrugated paper
– Fold one rectangle in half and cut out the shape of a petal
– Then take a skewer and twist the edge a little
– Stretch the corrugated paper in the center and shape into a petal.
– Continue with the rest of the rectangles.
– Next, cut out similar rectangles measuring 3 by 6 cm and repeat the steps with scissors and a skewer.
– The base of the flower will be a skewer, glue a candy on it and wrap it with petals to get a beautiful flower.
– Wrap the skewer also with corrugated green paper.

Those are done very simply and easily.

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