Make this cute valentines day card for your loved one, to show that you truly care ❤️ Easy fun and colourful handmade card. You can also buy the card from our Etsy shop (

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What you need:
– A4 pink card paper
– A4 white card paper
– Other coloured card paper (I used pink, red an checked white and red card paper)
– Glue
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Black pen
– Tweezers (optional)

1. Fold your pink A4 paper in half
2. Use a ruler to measure and mark 1cm from the side edges and 2cm from the top and bottom
3. Measure the distance between the markings made in step 2 (this would be the size of your white card paper
4. Cut out, using a pair of scissors, the white card paper as per measurements in step 3
5. Use glue to stick the white paper on top of your pink card
6. Using a pencil first, draw a salt shaker at the top left corner of your white paper
7. Go over the shaker with black marker when satisfied with your drawing
8. Write the words “Love You” as if they have been shaken out of the salt container
9. Grab one of your coloured paper and fold one edge down (it doesn’t need to be folded from the middle)
10. Draw half a heart at the fold (see video for a better understanding)
11. Cut out the half heart using scissors. Once you open the cut out it should be the form of a heart
12. Repeat step 10-11 as many times as desired with different coloured paper
13. Use glue to stick down the hearts (stick some inside the shaker and some outside)
14. I also drew some hearts (as i got tired of cutting out small hearts) [optional]



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