Have you been trying to get a shout-out FOREVER?!
Well here’s your chance!
Every week there will be a hidden theme.
Each person on the channel will make a video
using that theme in their video.
The theme may be something super easy to guess,
or extremely hard!
It could be an object you see in EVERY video,
or a theme as simple as “FASHION SHOW”.
Here’s YOUR job!
Guess the hidden theme
in the comment section on or in every video!
We will pick 1 lucky person
who guesses the hidden theme correctly
and give that person a shout-out!
Be sure to tune in the next week
to see who’s getting the shout-out!
Who knows!
It could be you!

Andres, 14 years old

Katherine, 14 years old

Loray, 12 years old

Leigh, 15 years old

Carly, 16 years old

Jade, 15 years old

Laura, 17 years old



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