In this #kitemakingvideo you can #learn #howto make 0.5 tawi Pari kite with beautiful design along with flying test tutorial. you can easily make this kite at home after watching my video, to make this kite you need German kite paper that you can get from decoration shop, scissor, paper cutter, glue stick, and broom sticks.

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kite banane ka tarika, पतंग बनाने का तरीका, kite kesea banate hain, दुनिया की सबसे छोटी पतंग बनानाpinakamaliit na paggawa ng saranggola sa buong mundoصنع أصغر طائرة ورقية في العالم
le plus petit cerf-volant au monde

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Some kite flying festivals are mentioned below for increase you knowledge about kite flying:
Basant Kite Flying Festival Pakistan
Shakrain Festival kite flying সাকরাইন Kite festival Ghuri Utsob Bangladesh
Nowruz kite flying festival Afghanistan
Sigiriya Kite Festival Srilanka
Dashain Kite Festival Nepal festival of Dashain
Soltar Pipas Brazil
Hamamatsu Festival Philippines 浜松まつり
Ba Duong Noi kite flying festival Vietnam
Caribbean Kite Festival
bang-pae yeon Korea
Volantin Festival Chile
Uttarayan Festival India
Makar Sankranti Festival India
Jaipur Kite Festival India
Telangana International Kite Festival India
Lohri Kite Festival India
Basant Panchami
Type of Kite in the world
Benang Gelasan (Indonesia Fighter’s Kite Threads) “Kelud” Hary Wibi Product Kediri
Layangan Aduan (rest of Indonesia)
Layangan Palembang(Palembang – Indonesia)
Lokta Changa (Nepal)
Indian Fighter Kite (India) (also known as a Patang)
Pakistani Fighter Kite (Pakistan) (also known as a Patang)
Tukkal (Pakistan and India)
Do Pana (Pakistan)
Gum Pana (Pakistan)
Shistru (Pakistan)
Teera (Pakistan)
Kupp (Pakistan)
Salara (Pakistan)
Kashti (Pakistan)
Suit (Pakistan)
Gulair (Pakistan)
Do Akkhal (Pakistan)
Piyala (Pakistan)
Macchar (Pakistan)
Farfarata (Pakistan)
Hata (Japan)
Rokkaku (Japan)
Afghan Fighter Kite (Afghanistan)
Shield Kite (Korea)
como hacer cometa
Cómo volar una cometa
cara membuat layang-layang
Cara Menerbangkan layang-layang

पतंग बनाने का तरीका
पतंग कैसे उड़ाते हैं
연 만드는 법
연을 날리는 방법
ਪਤੰਗ ਕਿਵੇਂ ਬਣਾਈਏ
ਪਤੰਗ ਕਿਵੇਂ ਉਡਾਉਣੀ ਹੈ
kung paano gumawa ng kite
Paano Lumipad ang isang saranggola
كيفية صنع طائرة ورقية
كيف تطير طائرة ورقية
காத்தாடி செய்வது எப்படி
ஒரு காத்தாடி பறப்பது எப்படி
কীভাবে ঘুড়ি তৈরি করতে হয়
কিভাবে একটি ঘুড়ি উড়ন্ত

Chula and Pakpao (Thailand)
American Fighter Kite ((United States and Canada))
Pipas (Brazil)
Volantines (Chile)
Kite Fighting Lines Used in the World
Spectra – A brand of fishing line used for American kite fighting.
Power Pro – A very thin [0.25 mm diameter] braided fishing line used for American kite fighting.
Manjha – The cutting line used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Tar – The cutting line used in Afghanistan.
Hilo de competencia o Hilo Curado – The cutting line used in Chile.
Dore – (India and Pakistan) The string used to fly the kite. The sharper the string, the better it is.
Pench – When two or more kites are fighting to cut one another. (India)
Kai Po Chhe – When kite fighting to cut another one and it cut the winner says it loud “Kai Po Chhe” to announce the victory!
Manjho – The cutting lines /thread called Manjho in Rajasthan(India)
Gelasan – The cutting line /thread used in Indonesia
Cerol – The cutting line /thread used in Brazil



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