Here are 4 life hacks you will need if you’re ever stranded.

You never know when your car battery will run out, maybe you forgot to turn off the lights, and now there’s no way for you to start the car. To make things even worse, the battery on your phone is also dead. In the first clip I post a hack that will enable you to charge your smartphone and make that, much needed, emergency phone call and get the help you need.

The second life hack uses a AA battery and helps you to keep warm your hands especially if you forgot your gloves. Hold the battery tight in your hand and it will keep you warm for some time.

If you have gloves on and need to access your smart phone, it will be hard without taking them off. With this life hack, keep your gloves on you don’t need to take them off.

As with any survival situation you have to know how to start a fire. The last life hack is about starting a fire with some items you might bring during camping.

Lastly, know that I always appreciate you guys! ^_^

Janji – Horizon

Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]



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