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Not everyone has this luxury called time to take care of themselves as much as they want to, yet everyone loves a good pampering once a week or so just to feel pretty from the inside out, even if that means spending the whole day at home. Some other people are not fortunate enough to go out and buy the most expensive beauty products out there so we decided to show you ways to make your own as well. In this video compilation we show you how to make your own beauty products and amazing makeup hacks for when you are running late, and makeup tricks that will transform your face

If you are scared of using chemicals that might damage the enamel of your teeth, look no further than nature. We have these ingredients that will whiten your teeth naturally using products you have in your own home.
– Strawberry and toothpaste: In a glass add a strawberry and some toothpaste. Mush them together really well until they become a thick paste. Then dip your toothbrush inside and start brushing your teeth. Strawberry has natural properties to remove plague off your teeth.
– Lemon + Baking soda: In a glass add a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda, then, mix them together and dip your toothbrush in the mixture to brush your teeth. This recipe is ideal for removing yellow teeth stains.
– Activated Carbon and water: For this one, you mush some activated carbon as much as possible until it becomes powder. Then, you add a few drops of water to turn it into a paste and then brush your teeth with it. It is an ideal way to remove stains from the teeth.

We also have amazing clothing hacks where you can repurpose your clothes into brand new fashionable ones and hacks that can fix your clothes without needing to buy new ones. For example, we have an amazing way to wear your regular bra without showing through your open back by adjusting the bra stripes and also an awesome way to turn an old shirt into a cute girly spring cardigan. In addition to that, we show you an awesome trick to turn old boxers into cute crop top for the gym or working out at home. If you are wearing a t-shirt where your bra strings are showing we also demonstrate how to fix it using paper clips.
Sometimes, men’s clothing can be very fashionable especially men’s t-shirts. So, we came up with an amazing trick on how to turn a men’s shirt into a fashionable dress.

When it comes to makeup we all manage to mess up our look when it comes to precision. For example not being able to do the perfect winged liner, or putting mascara on our lashes without getting it all over our eyelids, or even overlining our lips by accident. If are prone to these types of makeup accidents try out this awesome makeup hack. Take an old highlighter, take it apart place the sponge inside and the tip in water, let them sit there until all the color is removed. Then, empty your bowl and fill it with makeup remover. Place the sponge and tip in the makeup remover solution and let them sit there until it gets absorbed and Voila. You can use it as a corrector on areas such as your eyes or lips where you need a lot of precision to do your makeup.

0:07 – The perfect winged liner tutorial
0:39 – Teeth whitening recipes
1:21 – How to get whiter teeth using a banana
2:00 – DIY bra – open back dress
2:20 – Awesome cardigan hack
2:42 – DIY Amazing crop top idea
3:07 – How to make a dress using a men’s shirt
3:18 – How to shorten a belt
3:43 – DIY deodorant
4:18 – Amazing ribbon hacks
6:19 – Awesome beach waves in minutes
6:36 – Makeup remover hack
8:22 – DIY clutch using an eyeglass case
9:04 – DIY pillowcase designs
10:01 – DIY handbag for groceries
10:57 – How to decorate your bullet journal

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