Bad breath could be a signal of health problems. Moreover, people around you may feel uncomfortable. You can test your breath using a spoon or glass. The wrong toothbrush or wrong diet could be a reason for bad breath. Try our cheap and simple recipe mix charcoal and water, stir and apply on your tongue. Forget about bad breath! But if the problem remains you need to see the doctor. Bad breath could be a consequence of liver problems, throat infection; gastrointestinal problems and more.
Whiten your teeth with this easy recipe take a piece of aluminum foil, put some toothpaste and baking soda on it. Apply foil for 5 minutes and rinse. Check out more recipes on how to whiten teeth – use strawberry, kiwi or even banana peel. Make a super effective two-side toothbrush using our tutorial.
Watch our video and learn how to correctly brush your teeth, what you should and shouldn’t eat to make your teeth healthier. Eating fresh, crunchy vegetables is important for a healthy smile. Eat more carrots to nourish the gums and improve the circulation; apples to protect the tooth from decay and to remove unpleasant smells; celery to fight bacteria in the mouth.
Here the most important teeth care tips you should know: clean your teeth at least twice a day; don’t forget to use dental floss; clean your tongue; use mouthwash; visit the dentist twice a year.
Remember that taking care of your teeth is highly important for your health and it will prevent different problems!

00:10 Always clean your tongue
00:36 Whiten your teeth at home
03:49 Clean your teeth correctly
03:58 How to check your breath
04:48 Reasons for bad breath
07:50 Products for a healthy smile

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