24 awesome cooking hacks you can use in your kitchen.

list of tricks in this video:

1. Genius clothes pegs hack
2. DIY clothespin pan holder
3. knife sharpening hack
4. DIY toilet paper roll holder
5. Straw closing trick
6. Saving spaghetti in pringles box
5. Paperclip bag closing tip
7. Hack to unplug blocked drains
8. DIY ziplock bag
9. Cork bag closing
10. Binder fridge bottle trick
11. Rice knife holder
12. Cookbook holder
13. Chip bag origami closing hack
14. Easy chopsticks DIY
15. Rolling with a bottle instead of a rolling pin
16. Eggshells used to clean inside a jar
17. DIY sauce squeeze bottle
18. DIY plastic bottles for storage
19. DIY vacuum sealing
20. Lemon juice cleaning
21. Hack for sealing food in a bag
22. Trick for cleaning inside of kettle
24. Spice jars re-using tip

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