Speed up your daily kitchen routine with an extra hand! Our food hacks are here to save the day! We came up with a bunch of prepping and cooking techniques for you to check out! Learn how to squeeze juices at ease, warm up frozen ice cream. Become a kitchen ninja by slicing and decorating the tables with vegetables or desserts. Stay tuned for all that and much more DIY life hacks!

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00:04 How to Squeeze Lemon Juice
01:40 Unsinkable Tea Bags
00:40 Pizza Reheat Secret
02:36 Juice Bottle Spade
03:29 Safely Grate Potatoes
03:51 Cut Cucumbers with Style
04:11 Warm Up Frozen Ice Cream
04:52 Pourable Containers
05:30 Remove Egg Yolk at Ease
05:40 Homemade Milk Foam
07:18 Chocolate Mint Leaves
07:48 Tomato Hearts
08:04 Remove Strawberries Leaves at Ease
08:18 Cereal Box Compost Collector
08:39 Slice Hard Boiled Eggs in Seconds
08:56 Decorative Cucumber and Tomatoes
09:24 Apple Peel in Seconds
09:39 Comfort Watermelon Cuts
09:51 Slice Cherry Tomatoes at Ease
10:01 Grow Mini Garden
11:19 Easy Watermelon Cuts
11:32 Smart Kiwi Cut Outs

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