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Looking for simple kitchen hacks that actually work 🤔? We got you covered 😉! In this video by Fabiosa, we have 10 amazing life hacks for kitchen that you’d wish you knew sooner. We’ll show you how to pick up broken glass from the floor 🥛, how to make the best natural antiseptic, how to create a cover for your mop, how to clean a burnt pan 🥘, and so much more!
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00:04 – The fasted way to de-stem parsley
00:19 – How to thoroughly clean broken glass 🥛
00:36 – What to do if you lost a jar lid
00:45 – How to make a natural antiseptic
01:37 – How to turn old socks 🧦 into mop covers
02:11 – How to wash mint the right way
02:37 – The smart way to close a cereal box
02:58 – How to clean burnt pan 🍳 with olive oil
03:16 – How to clean a dirty microwave with citrus peels 🍋
03:35 – How to make sure cheeps stay crispy and don’t crumble

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